health benefits of ingarden superfoods

microgreens are superfoods—nutrient-rich plants that contain essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes beneficial to your health.

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why grow organic microgreens for you?

up to 2150% more nutrients than traditional vegetables

easily boost daily vitamin & mineral intake

verified high quality nutrition

automated & hassle-free plant care

harvest in as little as seven days

what are microgreens?

microgreens are nutrient-dense seedlings that contain higher levels of essential nutrients per serving than matured vegetables. utilizing hydroponic technology, ingarden grows microgreens 25% to 50% faster, uses less water, and requires less maintenance than conventional gardening.

ingarden autonomously grows microgreens with a net-zero carbon footprint and keeps them fresh until harvested so you’ll always have easy access to high-impact nutrition

why grow ingarden superfoods for the environment?

carbon-neutral, sustainable gardening

vegan & cruelty free

certified organic, non-GMO

the ingarden difference

the seed pads are specifically designed for ingarden’s hydroponic gardening system and grow microgreens in as little as seven days.

made from biodegradable virgin spruce wood fluff fibers, ingarden pads hold the microgreen seeds and deliver a steady supply of water that, in conjunction with the wicks, mimics the process of transpiration pull that occurs in soil-grown plants.

all you need to do is add water once and harvest fresh, organic microgreens one week later.

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ingarden has conducted the most extensive nutritional analysis to date

microgreens are the smaller, more nutritious versions of full-grown herbs and vegetables. they’re harvested directly after the seeds germinate and when they have the highest concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds.

ingarden collaborated with Eurofins Scientific and BioTeSys, two internationally accredited laboratory testing companies, to conduct a comprehensive nutritional analysis and validate the nutritional integrity of ingarden microgreens.

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key findings

ingarden microgreens were analyzed for their nutrient content and health benefits compared to their full-grown vegetable counterparts. the most notable takeaways are:

red cabbage microgreens have 230% more vitamin A per serving than full-grown red cabbage. vitamin A supports healthy lungs, teeth, bones, skin and immune system.

arugula microgreens have 600% more copper than full-grown arugula. copper supports bone health, joint connections and energy production.

broccoli microgreens have 67% more manganese than full-grown broccoli. manganese regulates nutrient, brain and nerve processes; helps bones develop and with calcium absorption.

more nutrition information is listed below.

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nutritional composition of ingarden microgreens

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