Creme beige ingarden placed in the center with a beige background.
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non-GMO and certified organic

automated & hassle-free plant care

herbicide- and pesticide-free

nutrient content lab-tested and verified

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#1 easiest and most premium garden

Young woman setting up her ingarden and placing the seed pads in the tray.

1. place three pads

Young woman watering her three seed pads in her mint ingarden.

2. pour water

Young woman pressing the timer button of her ingarden and afterwards touching the full-grown microgreens.

3. press the button

enjoy in 5-7 days

what will ingarden do for you?

  • boost your overall health
  • our microgreens have 40x the nutrients than the mature leaves of the same plants.

  • grow completely in water
  • no soil, no mess, no waste

  • become a plant parent with zero effort
  • automated light and watering system

  • make a statement in any room
  • and delight your dinner guests

  • germination guarantee
  • if your seed pads fail to sprout in 7 days, we'll replace them!

sprinkle your superfoods on each of your favourite meals

crispy, sweet, mild, spicy - try new flavors weekly

ask us anything.

what are ingarden microgreen superfoods?

imagine our superfood microgreens as a baby vegetable. they are usually ready to eat after 7 days from when the seeds are originally planted. they contain up to 20x more nutritional density than regular vegetables. beacuase of this, microgreens can be used as a nutrition supplement, as well as to add texture and flavor to foods.

are all your microgreens organic and GMO free?

yes, 100%. they are organic and free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. all of our professional-grade microgreens are sourced strictly from trusted sources and have a guaranteed 90% sprouting rate.

what are the seed pads made of?

our certified organic seed pads are made from biodegradable fluff fibers produced solely from virgin, sustainably sourced raw materials. they are completely biodegradable and compostable.

how and when do I replace my ingarden pads? what do I do with the old pads?

once your growing cycle is complete and you have harvested all of your microgreens, you can replace your ingarden pads. simply compost your used ingarden pads, place new pads on your growing beds and refill with water.

where do the seeds come from?

our seeds come from the region of Emilia Romagna of Italy as well as the Netherlands, strictly from trusted and certified organic growers. this means our seeds are confirmed organic by accredited authorities who check that no artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used. every batch of seeds is tested by laboratories for their microbiological suitability according to HACCP standards. all seed batches are tested for germination rates guaranteed at 90%, as well as for their look and integrity. the seeds are only handled by certified organic manufacturers who avoid cross contamination and maintain the highest standards of hygiene. the seeds are free from pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.