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microgreens are superfoods—nutrient-rich plants that contain essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes beneficial to your health.
maintains hair, skin & nails
boosts energy
supports immune system
supports cognitive health
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the ingarden advantage

  • health benefits
    ingarden microgreens have up to 20 times more essential nutrients than traditional vegetables.
  • no soil, no mess
    it's as simple as using coffee pods!
  • self-sustaining
    100% growth guarantee.
  • hassle-free process
    automated light and watering system optimized for microgreen growth.
  • scandinavian design
    make a statement in any room.
it's as simple as using coffee pods!

how does it work?

1. place three pads

2. pour water

3. press the button

enjoy in 7 days

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looking for an easy way to introduce more nutrients to your diet?

with the click of a button, our at-home superfood garden allow you to grow & harvest your own microgreens.

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our ingarden is functional and timeless designed - you just have to choose your color 🎨

choose your ingarden. have it your way.

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sustainability by design from plastic-free to climate neutral

ingarden’s fully-automated, hydroponic technology grows microgreens 25-50% faster and uses less water, consumes less energy and results in less food waste than traditional farming. all you need to do is add water, watch your microgreens grow, and then harvest.

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