superfood microgreens

Growth: How to keep the seed pad material from sticking to the microgreens?

If the first cell layer is lifting off with the microgreens sticking to it, it may be due to two things:

1) Production errors. The seed mats with the seeds are specially made for us, as we use special material for the mats and seeds.
During production, it can happen that the first cell layer, which serves both to hold the seeds and to ensure all-round irrigation, is not applied correctly.

2) No adequate irrigation. Before starting the ingarden, the seed pads must be soaked with water from above until the seed pads are completely soaked. The tray must be filled to the top with water. If the watering is insufficient, e.g. using a spray bottle, the first layer dries out quickly at room temperature, contracts and prevents the growing sprouts from getting through the layer.

If this results in one of your orders having excessive defects, you can make a complaint here and we will send you a replacement free of charge: Germination Guarantee