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ingarden (one off purchase plan)

ingarden - smartgarden ceramic

press the button - harvest the healthiest microgreens every seven days from home. ✓ self-sustaining ✓ no soil, no mess

  • boosts energy
  • maintains beauty
  • supports cognitive health
  • supports immune system

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2-year warranty

45-day money-back guarantee. free, easy returns


grow 1000+ fresh organic superfoods with ingarden each week

nutrient-dense superfoods
upgrade your daily meals with the freshest microgreens

weekly harvests
it only takes 7 days to enjoy your homemade harvest

automated grow lights
take care of your plants while you're away

water your pad once and observe the magic

no soil, no mess
enjoy a hassle-free experience with our hydroponic technology

high quality seeds
ingarden microgreens are 100% guaranteed to sprout

how does it work?

just 3 easy steps

1. place three pads

2. pour water

3. hold timer button for 3 seconds

enjoy in 7 days

discover your ingarden

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ceramic bowl

ingarden's ceramic bowl works as a water bank, you only need to fill it once per harvest

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steel frame

the LED frame is elegantly curved and made of high quality stainless steel

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press the button

and harvest the healthiest microgreens every seven days from home.

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LED growth light system
ingarden's LED system provides optimal light conditions needed for microgreen growth.

starter kit contents

  • 1 ceramic bowl
  • 1 steel frame
  • LED grow lights
  • 1 steel tray holder
  • 3 wick holders
  • 3 seed trays
  • 6 wicks
  • instruction manual
  • magazine (incl. recipes, information, and more)

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refine every dish - tasteful and healthy

our superfoods provide essential nutrients, bring unadulterated flavor & freshness, transforming your meal into an exquisite dish. easy to use and well presentable, it's a no-brainer whenever you want to treat yourself or your loved ones.

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how ingarden makes it easy

microgreens need specific environmental conditions to grow with little room for error.

ingarden’s cutting-edge technology provides exact growing requirements in a simple, automated process.

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LED grow light system

ingarden’s LED system provides optimal light conditions needed for microgreen growth.

  • emits all light wavelengths to activate phytochemicals and phytonutrients
  • automated on/off timer ensures adequate light absorptio
  • energy efficient power uses only 15 watts
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sustainable by design - plastic-free & climate neutral

ingarden’s sustainable design:

  • high-quality sustainable materials
  • biodegradable seed pads
  • plastic-free and recyclable packaging

ingarden for sustainable living:

  • hydroponic gardens are proven more sustainable than traditional soil farming
  • homegrown foods result in less food waste
  • carbon neutral shipping
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The indoor garden from ingarden has been awarded with the reddot product design and the IF design award.

awards and recognition

ingarden's design is a minimal, clean approach that combines functionality with beauty. we are proud to have won prestigious awards such as the Red Dot and the iF Design Award for our product design, as well as the Computer Bild Award for best value for money in the smart garden industry.

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“the perfect way to bring greenery indoors that's also edible”

“the cutting-edge smart indoor garden”

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“makes people's lives healthier”

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