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at the end of your minimum term, you can simply continue growing microgreens at a reduced price of $17.93 and cancel monthly by sending your product back free of charge.

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for every ingarden sold, we help feed a child in need
frequently asked questions
can i keep the ingarden microgreen growing kit after the rental period?

yes, as soon as your rental period is over, you can keep your growing kit forever for a symbolic dollar.

what are ingarden microgreen superfoods?

imagine our superfood microgreens as a baby vegetable. they are usually ready to eat after 7 days from when the seeds are originally planted. they contain up to 20x more nutritional density than regular vegetables. beacuase of this, microgreens can be used as a nutrition supplement, as well as to add texture and flavor to foods.

how much do i get out of each superfood microgreen pack?

1 pack = approx. 4 cups of microgreens, which equals one month supply.
with 3 packs every 3 months, you don’t have to worry about getting too little or too many microgreens. you can change your microgreens selection at any time within your account.

when does the rent begin and end?

the first month’s payment is charged as soon as you order. the rental period begins from the date you purchased the product. the monthly charges will apply from that date on. also, in the event that you want to keep your device after the rental period is over, you are free to adjust your plan in your account and keep enjoying healthy microgreens at a reduced price. at the end of the rental period, you can either keep renting the device, buy it out, or cancel your subscription and return the device to us.

what if my device is damaged during the rental period?

if something happens during your rental, ingarden care is there for you. we pay for 100% of the repair costs for damages of all kinds.

what are some easy ways to incorporate ingarden microgreen superfoods in my meals?

there are so many! from simply adding them into a smoothie, using them as a garnish for soup, to making them the main flavor of any meal (like a fancy avocado toast or steak,) you can really eat them in so many different ways.

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what are the dimensions of the product?

maintains hair, skin and nails
boosts energy
supports immune system
supports cognitive health

“the perfect way to bring greenery indoors that's also edible”

“the cutting-edge smart indoor garden”

“makes people's lives healthier”

“the best-looking smart garden we've come across”

why do you offer ingarden flex?

ingarden flex allows us to offer you an all-inclusive solution that is also more sustainable. with flex, you get the award-winning ingarden growing system and the matching superfood seed pads sent to you for a fixed monthly price.... so you don't have to worry about anything. our ingarden, made of ceramic & stainless steel, is designed to last a lifetime. that's why we also cover 100% of the costs if something should happen. so what are you waiting for? become part of our sharing community with ingarden flex!

~ yenal, mariana & christian
founders of ingarden

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get the ingarden experience you want whenever you need it. simply, flexibly, sustainably.

choose your favorite color & superfoods + rental period

use. superfood refills included. the first rent is paid out at checkout, then we'll bill you monthly

recirculate. when your minimal rental period is over, return it for free. we'll process & quality control the device.

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the ingarden advantage

  • health benefits
    ingarden microgreens have up to 20 times more essential nutrients than traditional vegetables.
  • no soil, no mess
    it's as simple as using coofee pods! no plastic & carbon-neutral.
  • self-sustaining
    100% growth guarantee. automated light and watering system optimized for microgreen growth.
  • scandinavian design
    make a statement in any room.
meet: your new vegan wellness heroes

natural, sustainable, high quality and loved by nutritionists

bring healthy nutrition home

microgreens are superfoods—nutrient-rich plants that contain essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes beneficial to your health.
maintains hair, skin & nails
boosts energy
supports immune system
supports cognitive health
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just 3 easy steps

how does the ingarden device work?

1. place three pads

2. pour water

3. press the button

enjoy in 7 days

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our ingarden is functional and timeless designed - you just have to choose your color and your favorite superfoods.

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