ingarden hardware

Material: How is the ingarden ocean bowl made?

ingarden collaborates with verified Oceanworks partners, which is a leading Plastic Action Platform. They have developed a robust global network of collectors, suppliers, and processors to remove and transform ocean waste plastic from our oceans.

This is how it works:

Collection: Oceanworks collaborates with NGOs, governments, and local community organizations that gather mismanaged plastic waste from beaches, waterways, and coastal areas.

Processing: The collected plastic is then processed by a network of trusted recyclers who transform it into Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin. This process involves stringent quality controls and proprietary processing agents to ensure the highest purity and reliability, mimicking virgin resin.

Manufacturing: The high-purity PCR resin is then molded into the unique shapes of our ingarden bowls, creating a sustainable, eco-friendly product for your home.