Microgreen Chia Pudding

Microgreen Chia Pudding

Discover the perfect blend of health and flavor with our Microgreen Chia Pudding recipe

Welcome to ingarden kitchen where we mix healthy ingredients in a fun and delicious way! In this special blog post, we're exploring cool recipes that combine microgreens and chia pudding. We'll look at how these tiny, nutrient-packed greens add awesome textures and colors to your meals, blending perfectly with the smoothness of chia pudding. As your friendly food guide, I'm excited to show you the easy steps for making a fantastic Microgreen Chia Pudding. It's not just yummy – it's good for you too! Come along with me on this cooking journey, and let's make your breakfast or snack time more exciting and healthier together!

2 servings, 5 minutes

You will need:


  1. Pour your preferred milk into a jar, then sprinkle in the chia seeds.
  2. After thoroughly stirring the milk and seeds, add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.
  3. Mix again until the chia seeds are evenly dispersed, ensuring no clumps remain. Allow the mixture to sit for approximately 10 minutes, giving it a final stir.
  4. (Mix in fruit puree if you like).
  5. Cover the jar and refrigerate the pudding for a minimum of 2 hours or, for best results, overnight.
  6. Before serving add the fruit of your choice and the red cabbage microgreens.

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