5 Easy Ways to Have Fun at Home During Winter

5 Easy Ways to Have Fun at Home During Winter

What’s your favorite season? Winter is known for its long nights, colder temperatures, and short days. While animals hibernate, it’s tempting to stay at home and simply wait it out until the spring comes. However, staying home doesn’t need to be boring. There are loads of ways for you to have fun at home during winter. Brighten up this dark time of year by checking out our top five ideas below!

1. Make Cocktails

One of the best ways to have fun at home during winter is by making cocktails. Create a sense of occasion and excitement by turning part of your home into a bar. Invest in your own drinks trolley and cocktail shaker set, complete with shaker, jigger, strainer, and ice tongs. Establish cocktail making as a weekly ceremony to look forward to. You’ll be a mixologist in no time! Check out our list of easy cocktail ideas for inspiration.

2. Start Doing Raclette

Raclette originates from an alpine region of Switzerland, so it’s no surprise that this delicious dinner time favorite is a great way of warming up a cold winter’s night. A raclette grill sits neatly on your dining table, and allows each participant to grill cheese, meat, and vegetables exactly to their liking. The melted cheese is extremely comforting and the whole experience is very sociable. It’s a great way to get people together and is an easy solution for dinner parties.

3. Grow Stuff From Home

Inject some new life into your home by growing microgreens with your very own smart garden! It may be dark outside, but with a smart garden, you’re able to grow microgreens from home all year round, thanks to a special automated LED light. From basil to cilantro, there are loads of herbs that will grow during winter using an ingarden device. You’ll feel uplifted as they grow, and they also work nicely with cocktails and raclette. See our microgreen selection here.

4. Kick Back in Front of a Projector

One of the best ways to have fun at home during winter is with your very own home movie theatre. Embrace the dark nights outside and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows up on the wall, bigger than you’ve ever seen before! Whether it’s kicking back alone or chilling with guests, projectors transform your home into an entertainment center. All you need is your own projector (which come in a range of prices), a darkly lit room, and a large white wall.

5. Bake Something New

As it’s natural to spend more time at home during winter, why not seize the opportunity to develop your baking skills? Fill your home with warmth and enticing aromas by baking at home. Think of a friend with a birthday during winter, and then surprise them with their own spectacular birthday cake. Alternatively, delight guests with a special baked dessert they’d never normally expect from you. Or, just treat yourself to some homemade cookies.

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