Step-by-step guide: how to make changes to your ingarden membership!

Step-by-step guide: how to make changes to your ingarden membership!

The ingarden 2.0 subscription grants you more freedom for your individual superfood needs!

  • are you going out of town and don’t want to come home to twice the amount of superfood packs? 
  • are you looking for an easy way to change your subscription order so that you can try out the new ingarden seed varieties next month? 
  • do you want to get an ingarden order every two, three, or six months instead of every month? 

Our new membership features make these things all possible for you!

Step-by-Step Guide

Step one: log in to your account and go to "subscription"

this is an overview of your subscriptions -  on top you have your active subscriptions and on the bottom half you have an overview of your past, inactive subscriptions. 

  1. click “re-activate” if you want to subscribe to one of your old subscriptions again
  2. click “manage subscription” to edit your active subscriptions.

step two: edit your subscription details


on the left you will see your subscription details:

next charge date

click on "next charge date" to change the the day of your next shipment by selecting a day and date that suits you.

delivery schedule

click on "delivery schedule" to change the the interval of your shipments by choosing between days, weeks and months. 


click on "product" to change the amount of the product you want to receive or swap the product for a another item.

order now & skip shipment

  • click on "order now"  to send out your shipment immediately
  • click on "skip shipment" to skip your next shipment. if you selsect this option your next charge date will change according to the delivery schedule you have selected. 

shipping address

click on your shipping address to update it or add another one. 

payment method

click on this field to change you payment method by following the link. 

email address

click on this field to update your email address for all your subscriptions.

cancel subscription

click on this field to cancel this subscription. please note that any other subscription(s) you have will not be cancelled. you will have to do this individually for each subscription.

step three: easily start a new subscription or add a one-time product to your next shipment

select a product to: 

  1. add a one-time product to your next shipment. this way you can try out a product without having to subscribe to it. 
  2. add the product to your subscription. this product will now be added to your subscription and will be shipped with every shipment according your delivery schedule.

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