Cleaning up our ocean one ingarden at a time

ingarden works with verified Oceanworks partner organizations, Oceanworks is an organization dedicated to combating plastic pollution in our oceans. At ingarden, we are committed to sustainability and innovation, which is why we have decided to purchase upcycled ocean waste plastic for our our new product line of ingarden Oceans sets (available in the colors blue and white) provided by the Oceanworks network.

About Oceanworks

Oceanworks is a leading Plastic Action Platform that simplifies the process for brands to reduce their plastic footprint. They have developed a robust global network of collectors, suppliers, and processors dedicated to reclaiming plastic waste from our oceans. Oceanworks sources plastic primarily from Southeast Asia, a region responsible for around 60% of the world's ocean plastic, ensuring that our materials are collected responsibly and sustainably.

How It Works

  1. Collection: Oceanworks collaborates with NGOs, governments, and local community organizations that gather mismanaged plastic waste from beaches, waterways, and coastal areas.
  2. Processing: The collected plastic is then processed by a network of trusted recyclers who transform it into Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin. This process involves stringent quality controls and proprietary processing agents to ensure the highest purity and reliability, mimicking virgin resin.
  3. Manufacturing: The high-purity PCR resin is then molded into the unique shapes of our ingarden bowls, creating a sustainable, eco-friendly product for your home.

Quality and Safety

Every batch of Oceanworks Guaranteed® material undergoes rigorous testing to verify its mechanical properties and safety. Independent laboratories confirm specifications such as ash content, melt flow, and density. Additionally, Oceanworks performs chemical contamination screenings to meet standards like REACH and California's Proposition 65, ensuring that our products are safe for you and the environment.

Traceability and Transparency

Backed by the Oceanworks® Guarantee and Track & Trace system, Oceanworks offers full transparency and traceability of their materials from shore to shelf. This guarantees that every ingarden product made from ocean waste plastic meets the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.

Our Commitment

At ingarden, we believe in the power of sustainable innovation. By making use of the Oceanworks network, we are not only providing you with beautiful and functional ingarden sets but also contributing to the global effort to clean up our oceans. We are excited to offer a product that not only enhances your living space but also supports a healthier planet.


For more information, please visit Oceanworks.

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