We take our responsibility of reducing environmental impact through facilitating sustainable innovation very seriously.


Sustainability is the core focus of our business here at ingarden. By growing over 2000+ fresh microgreens per month without any plastic packaging compared to conventional store-bought offerings, you are significantly reducing your plastic usage. ingarden is made from ceramic and stainless steel and uses eco-friendly cardboard packaging instead of plastic.

choice of materials

Urgent action is required to reduce the debilitating impact of plastic on the environment. Plastic usage causes profound environmental consequences in our world, so we wanted to ensure that we were contributors to a solution to this problem.

To fulfill this goal, we made a commitment to use high-quality materials that are sustainable, can be recycled, and will minimize the impact on our environment. ingarden is made from ceramic, stainless steel, and uses recyclable cardboard packaging. From development all the way to your doorstep, ingarden aims to mitigate negative environmental influence as much as possible.

our carbon footprint

We are a carbon-neutral company since 2021. We will also continue to develop and work with our partners to continuously bring new environmentally sustainable solutions to our product range.

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