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limited edition co-creation + 3 recipe cards

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ingarden has teamed up with the fabulous food blogger, sara.haven, to release a limited edition seed pack containing new superfoods, as well as 3 exclusive recipe cards.

45-day money-back guarantee. free, easy return

7 pads = one month supply of microgreens

auto-delivered. easy, free cancellation - anytime

the advantages of the co-creation with sara.haven

immune system

heart function


healthy bones

healthy skin & hair

stress reduction

good eye-sight

the limited co-creation contents

  • 2 garlic pads
  • 4 bok choy pads
  • 3 exclusive recipe cards from sara.haven
  • 1 journal card
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meet sara.haven

"microgreens are so much more than a decorative gourmet food trend! In a society where people are consuming fewer vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients from food, they’re an easy addition to meals that maximize the plants' nutritional value. these little greens are powerfully flavorful, ranging from lemony to sweet to earthy to bitter, and despite their compact size, they pack a serious nutritional punch. in just one week, a small forest of radiant little greens will sprout from your planter; take a pair of scissors, snip a crisp handful, and throw them in a salad for dinner. bon appetite!" (Sara)

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refine every dish - tasteful and healthy

our superfoods provide essential nutrients, bring unadulterated flavor & freshness, transforming your meal into an exquisite dish. easy to use and well presentable, it's a no-brainer whenever you want to treat yourself or your loved ones.

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harvest over 1000 microgreens every week

more nutrient-dense than normal veggies

non-GMO and certified organic

herbicide- and pesticide-free

nutrient content lab-tested and verified

packaging is plastic-free and recyclable

harvest in as little as seven days

bok-choy microgreens


this superfood is characterized by its wonderfully crunchy texture and slightly sweet, nutty flavor.


they are rich in vitamin c, a, k and folic acid and an excellent source of calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.

compared to the supermarket bok choi, the bok choy microgreens from ingarden contain:

  • 45% more vitamin k
  • 15% more vitamin a
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garlic microgreens


strongly resembles the garlic flavor as we know it, only in the finish a little finer and less strong.


ingarden garlic chive microgreens are a concentrated source of vitamin c, b6 and a and also contain the minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.

compared to supermarket garlic, ingarden organic garlic microgreens contain:

  • 55% more vitamin c
  • 35% more vitamin b6
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sustainable by design - plastic-free & climate neutral

ingarden’s sustainable design:

  • high-quality sustainable materials
  • biodegradable seed pads
  • plastic-free and recyclable packaging

ingarden for sustainable living:

  • hydroponic gardens are proven more sustainable than traditional soil farming
  • homegrown foods result in less food waste
  • carbon neutral shipping
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ingarden membership

save 30% on all superfood packs by becoming an ingarden member!

never run low on microgreens to accomplish a healthy, sustainable lifestyle by prioritizing a nutritionally balanced diet!

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explore what microgreens fit your health and wellness goals.

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