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broccoli superfood

  • mild
  • sweet
invigorate your gut biome, skin health and bone strength on your journey to a balanced diet.
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how bio-broccoli microgreens help your body:


sugar levels in blood

healthy nails


muscle contraction

immune system

healthy hair

broccoli superfood aka beauty booster contents

  • 6 broccoli ingarden pads
  • 1 journal

refine every dish - tasteful and healthy

our superfoods provide essential nutrients, bring unadulterated flavor & freshness, transforming your meal into an exquisite dish. easy to use and well presentable, it's a no-brainer whenever you want to treat yourself or your loved ones.

harvest over 1000 microgreens every week

more nutrient-dense than normal veggies

non-GMO and certified organic

herbicide- and pesticide-free

nutrient content lab-tested and verified

packaging is plastic-free and recyclable

harvest in as little as seven days

broccoli microgreens


mildly crunchy, dense and bitter taste that’s more potent than its full-grown counterpart.


rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and magnesium.

compared to the mature broccoli, ingarden broccoli microgreens are packed with:

  • 67% more manganese
  • 25% more magnesium

sustainable by design - plastic-free & climate neutral

ingarden’s sustainable design:

  • high-quality sustainable materials
  • biodegradable seed pads
  • plastic-free and recyclable packaging

ingarden for sustainable living:

  • hydroponic gardens are proven more sustainable than traditional soil farming
  • homegrown foods result in less food waste
  • carbon neutral shipping
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