ingarden on kitchen countertop with seed mats
Each month we giveaway 1 ingarden starter-kit

Enter to win an ingarden starter-set worth $190

Mint indoor-garden from ingarden with full-grown microgreens placed on top of a kitchen counter.

Take a chance to win a brand-new ingarden starter-set each month!

One starter-set (worth $190) includes:

🎁 1x ingarden in your favorite color

🎁 2-month supply of microgreens

#1 alternative to supplements

Eat healthier. Easily, fresher.

What will ingarden do for you?

Elevate your meals with fresh flavor and nutrients
Boost your overall health and immune system
Replace your supplements with organic microgreens
Delight your dinner guests
How to ingarden?

Grow completely in water. Harvest weekly.

Young woman setting up her ingarden and placing the seed pads in the tray.

1. Place three pads

Young woman watering her three seed pads in her mint ingarden.

2. Pour water

Young woman pressing the timer button of her ingarden and afterwards touching the full-grown microgreens.

3. Press the button

Enjoy in 5-7 days

Girl looking at microgreens which are growing in ingarden device man with grey hair cutting microgreens in his ingarden growing kit Little girl showing looking fascinated at her ingarden microgreens.