why ingarden red cabbage superfoods are so amazing

compared to mature red cabbage ingarden red cabbage microgreens have:

2150% more phosphorus

230% more vitamin A

150% more folate

67% more iron

88% more manganese

15% more biotin

with 2150% more phosphorus than mature red cabbage, ingarden red cabbage microgreens help to regulate carbohydrate, fat and protein processing, maintain normal heartbeat and form bones and teeth. ingarden red cabbage microgreens are also an excellent source of vitamin C which helps your body absorb iron, support healthy skin, and a healthy immune system.

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the health benefits of red cabbage microgreens to remember

fetal development

immune system

skin and hair

heart function


stress reduction



how do ingarden red cabbage superfoods taste?

deep purple sweetness accompanied by undertones of spice defines red cabbage microgreens. soft green leaves accompany their reddish-violet stems, making them a great garnish and pop of color for savory and sweet dishes.

did you know … red cabbage gets its color from flavonoids called anthocyanins? these flavonoids are also found in berries, plums, and flower petals.

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the ingarden difference

the seed pads are specifically designed for ingarden’s hydroponic gardening system and grow microgreens in as little as seven days.

made from biodegradable virgin spruce wood fluff fibers, ingarden pads hold the microgreen seeds and deliver a steady supply of water that, in conjunction with the wicks, mimics the process of transpiration pull that occurs in soil-grown plants.

all you need to do is add water once and harvest fresh, organic microgreens one week later.

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how does it work?

just 3 easy steps

1. place three pads

2. pour water

3. hold timer button for 3 seconds

enjoy in 7 days

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