ingarden radish mix microgreens are here to give you

compared to mature radish, the ingarden radish microgreen mix provides:

45% more vitamin K

15% more vitamin A

15% more manganese

ingarden radish microgreens are also a good source of vitamin C which helps with healthy bone, muscle, and blood connections as well as supporting a healthy immune system. they are also an excellent source of antioxidant beta carotene which supports healthy lungs, promotes good eyesight, and maintains healthy teeth, bones, and skin.

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the health benefits of radish mix microgreens you'll enjoy


teeth and gums

immune system



iron and zinc absorption

skin and hair


how do radish mix microgreens taste?

defined by their spiciness and crunch, these ever-so-slightly pink and white microgreens are bound to stand out in your savory dishes. delicate and deliciously piquant, these tiny plants pack a peppery punch.

did you know … radishes have a festival of their own? noche de Rabanos (night of the radishes) is celebrated yearly in mexico the day before christmas eve. Radishes were also used as currency in ancient egypt.

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the ingarden difference

the seed pads are specifically designed for ingarden’s hydroponic gardening system and grow microgreens in as little as seven days.

made from biodegradable virgin spruce wood fluff fibers, ingarden pads hold the microgreen seeds and deliver a steady supply of water that, in conjunction with the wicks, mimics the process of transpiration pull that occurs in soil-grown plants.

all you need to do is add water once and harvest fresh, organic microgreens one week later.

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how does it work?

just 3 easy steps

1. place three pads

2. pour water

3. hold timer button for 3 seconds

enjoy in 7 days

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