pumpkin dream bowl recipe

pumpkin dream bowl recipe

for our more advanced home chefs - this recipe takes a little longer to prepare, but rest assured—this dish is a true of powerhouse of macro and micro nutrients.

2 servings, 1 hour 

for the base you will need: 

1 medium sizes acorn squash
1 cup of (whole grain) rice
½ avocado

for the dressing you will need: 

2 handful of radish microgreens
½ cup of walnuts
½ cup of raisins
4 tbsp. cold-pressed olive oil
2 tbsp. lime juice
A dash of salt and pepper


step one: begin with the whole grain rice as it takes the longest to cook. rinse the whole grain rice and add it into a cooking pan with salt and 2 cups of water. after the water starts boiling, reduce the heat and cover your cooking pan. let the rice simmer for 30 minutes until it’s perfectly tender.

step two: prepare the acorn squash. chop it in bite sized pieces and roast it in the oven for about 25 minutes. season it only with salt and peppers. 

step three: lastly, you need to combine all dressing ingredients into a blender and chop from chunky to very fine, as you prefer. put the squash into a salad bowl, and add the rice and dressing. lastly, use half an avocado for dressing your pumpkin rice bowl. finally… it’s time to lean back and enjoy your meal!

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