Start school healthier with organic superfoods from ingarden

Start school healthier with organic superfoods from ingarden

Back-to-school season starts super healthy and delicious with ingarden!

Superpowers need superfoods! 

Better performance this upcoming school year starts with a healthy diet! by bringing awareness to balanced eating habits as early as possible, you are setting yourself and your kids up for a healthy and bright future!
We know this can be a little difficult sometimes, especially since kids crave sweet treats and processed foods as snacks, but luckily ingarden has the solution! With our organic microgreens, we can show kids how simple and, fun healthy eating can be!
By having your little explorers watch the microgreens grow from day 1, your kids will develop a bond with their self-grown microgreens and be so excited for harvest day! Still not convinced? Check out more information about how our microgreens can elevate your and your family's health and school year!


9 reasons why organic microgreens are an easy and healthy supplement for your family: 

  1. promote general well-being and health 
  2. increase energy and fitness
  3. strengthen the immune system and intestinal health
  4. provide inner and outer beauty 
  5. up to 20-times more nutrients than full grown supermarket vegetables
  6. provide a daily vitamin and mineral boost
  7. high nutrient content can be found in organic microgreens
  8. they ready for harvest in only 7 days
  9. and with ingarden, they practically grow themselves!

Healthy School snack 2.0

There are no limits to your culinary creativity regarding a school snack! It can be as simple as a slice of whole grain bread with butter, fresh cheese, and a handful of organic microgreens on top, or you can opt for a rich avocado and pesto toast recipe. 

Either way, organic ingarden microgreens are the icing on the cake regarding healthy and easy nutrition. We can send our little ones off to school with a clear conscience, knowing that we provided them with the best possible tools to have a great school day and maybe even teach their friends about them! 


The ingarden team wishes all young and old students a happy and healthy start to the school year💚!  


We weren't mad at traditional supplements, just disappointed.

That's why we've discovered something even better: Microgreens.

Imagine tiny vegetables, but:

With 40 times more nutrients

Ready to harvest & eat in just 7 days

Goes well with any dish

Grows all year round

Delicious & varied


No pesticides & herbicides

No secrets, just nature

Girl looking at microgreens which are growing in ingarden device man with grey hair cutting microgreens in his ingarden growing kit Little girl showing looking fascinated at her ingarden microgreens.