Why ingarden Organic Garlic Microgeens Need Special Care

Why ingarden Organic Garlic Microgeens Need Special Care

Organic garlic microgreens are deliciously flavorful and don't leave "garlic breath". However, they are more difficult to grow than other ingarden organic microgreens.


Growing organic garlic microgreens is different from other ingarden organic microgreens. Compared to other microgreens, organic garlic microgreens do not take 7 days to harvest - but 14 days instead! The wait is worth it, however, as organic garlic microgreens (just like mature garlic) add a distinctive flavor to any meal and are bursting with health benefits:

  • immune system
  • eye sight
  • healthy skin & hair

The best part?: unlike ripe garlic, organic microgreens do not leave "garlic breath".

Yet, growing organic garlic microgreens requires more control and possibly additional interventions, which you are not used to from our other organic microgreens.

Days to Harvest approx. 14 days
Days to Germination  approx. 2-5 days
Level of Difficulty professional


How to grow organic garlic microgreens successfully

As our team has become official garlic experts in the last few weeks, we have developed a method to grow garlic perfectly within 14 days. it only requires a little extra effort! here are our recommendations*:


  1. remove the top layer of the pad when the microgreens have grown (after about 7 days): garlic microgreens grow slowly and push the seeds upwards, from which the top layer of our pads is pulled along and does not detach completely, as is normally the case. important: do not detach the top layer yet if the microgreens have not grown yet, because it ensures that the seeds are always kept moist, which is essential for growth.
  2. check germination repeatedly (after 2-5 days the first time) and pour a little more water over the pads if a dry spot appears.
  3. after about 14 days your bio-microgreens are fully grown and ready for harvest!
  4. if you have any further questions or problems with the growth, feel free to contact us at info.us@ingarden.com.

*the recommendations are based on the general tips you can read again here and are also valid for garlic and should be applied.

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