ingarden seed pads: what are those cob-web looking things?

ingarden cob webs

have you ever had issues with white film on your microgreens? - if yes, don’t worry; it’s just a simple germination layer and we are going to show you how to avoid this!

so, you recently bought your ingarden and are looking forward to your first harvest - how exciting!

but what’s that? instead of beautifully sprouting microgreens, your results look more like this:

ingarden seed pad web

"what is this white stuff?" you might ask, "is it mold? did the seeds turn bad?" - no!

the top tissue layer of the seed pad has simply stuck to the microgreens, so no worries it’s nothing harmful

the cause

as the seeds are encapsulated in tissue material, parts of the tissue can stick to the microgreens during growth sporadically.

if the harvest was successful, you could simply wash off the tissue from the microgreens before consumption. however, if it looks like the above picture, this is a telltale sign that the seed pads were not watered sufficiently at the start of growth!

improperly watered seed pads can cause the seedlings to push up their shell and, with that comes the tissue. once the tissue gets lifted into the air, it loses its connection to the other layers and loses its moisture, then eventually dries out. the end result looks like this and can be easily mistaken for mold: 

ingarden cob webs

the solution

to avoid this outcome, we suggest watering all your seed pads with a slow stream of water from above at first. ensure that the pads are completely soaked with water and the ceramic bowl is filled to the brim. then, throughout the growing process try to keep your ceramic bowl filled with water to avoid the seed pads drying out.

more about our seed pads

our certified organic seed pads are made from biodegradable fluff fibers produced solely from virgin, sustainably-sourced raw materials. they are completely biodegradable and compostable. the above products are composed of 100% virgin fluff fibers and produced from non-chlorine bleached spruce wood. virgin fluff is considered GRAS  (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA. no recycled fibers, or GMOs are used in the production of our products. 

so, in case you ever run into this issue,  remember to keep calm and water your pads!