germination plates: when & how to use them!

not every microgreen variety grows equally - some like it more dark than others in the beginning - which is why we have created germination plates to increase your growing success

germination plate

ever wondered why some seed pads just do not seem to grow as quickly or didn’t yield as many microgreens as others? this has to do with the specific needs of the microgreen seed during the germination phase. we have put together a guide to help you increase your growing success!

why germination plates?

before growing into beautiful microgreens, the seeds go through a germination phase during the first 2-3 days. this is a critical time for their growth success later and is mostly affected by water, temperature, oxygen, light, and seed quality. 

the germination plates support this process in two ways:

  1. maintain humidity: they help the seeds maintain enough moisture and thus lower the risk of the seed pads drying out (but do make sure that the seed pads are completely soaked before placing germination plates!) 
  2. cover light: light becomes most crucial after the seeds start sprouting, thus the plates help maintain darkness for the seeds and aid with faster germination.

but won’t the plates cut off oxygen supply or suppress the sprouts? nope!

oxygen: even though the plates are on top of the seeds, the oxygen supply is still sufficient.

sprouts: we recommend removing the plates after 2-3 days, once the sprouts lift up the plates; however don’t worry if you forget to do it immediately - it won’t affect the sprouts if you leave them on a day too long. 

when to use your plates? 

we recommend using the germination plates for the first 2-3 days for optimal growth. once the sprouts start lifting up the plates, you can remove them. make sure that the led light source is on, so that the sprouts get the light and warmth they need to grow into beautiful microgreens.

how to use your plates? 

germination plate

*for easier removal of the plates we suggest pouring a little bit of water over the plates first to avoid seeds sticking to it when you lift it off