5 fun ways to teach your kids about nutrition

kid learning about nutrition with ingarden

keen to teach your kids about nutrition? at ingarden, we’re proudly led by two passionate nutritional scientists. our shared goal is to make people’s lives healthier through accessible, wholesome nutrition. after years of research, we know that the key to better understanding the importance of nutrition is education. that’s why we created this special guide to help! 


5. teach them a catchy song 

embrace your inner songwriter and craft a song on the topic of nutrition. take a popular melody and add lyrics which explain which foods contain which nutrients, and why those nutrients are good for us. Keep things simple and start with vitamins A, B and C. choose foods they probably already know like carrots and oranges. add additional vitamins over time! 

4. incorporate those foods in their diet

once your kids have mastered the catchy new nutrition song, strengthen its message by including those foods into their diets on a regular basis. each time the foods are on the menu, sing the song together and your kids be reminded of what nutrient they’re getting, and why it’s good. before you know it, your kids will be singing the catchy nutrition song on their own and with their friends. 

3. make those foods appealing

songs are catchy, but it’s also important to make the foods (and their nutritional value) appealing too! getting kids excited about high-nutrition foods like beans and kale isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of ways to get your kids to eat them. for example, sprinkle nuts on top of their oatmeal in the morning. serve broccoli with a cheesy sauce. bake spinach and feta inside a pastry. 

2. get them involved with preparation

connect your kids with nutritious foods by getting them involved in the preparation process. when they’re young, show them how to wash blueberries and juice oranges. as they get older, introduce more advanced processes, like cutting and steaming. by teaching your kids these simple tasks when they’re young, they’ll naturally develop a lifelong bond with these nutritious foods.

1. start harvesting at home

The best way to teach your kids about nutrition is to harvest nutritious foods at home. This way, they’ll have a constant supply of nutrition immediately in front of their eyes which they’ve helped to grow. Growing and harvesting at home cultivates a sense of pride in kids (and adults!), which in turn motivates us to eat the produce. Not to mention they will have fun setting up the seeds and watching them grow each day! You can grow nutrient-dense microgreens like red cabbage using your ingarden, then harvest other nutrient-rich veggies such as tomatoes, parsley, and basil using a plant pot on your windowsill, balcony, or garden.


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